“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned;

if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity;

but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."

Ezekiel 33:6

"A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring."

Proverbs 25:26

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Is America Too Star Struck And Stupid To Vote For Ron Paul?

This Man Makes Too Much Sense For America
So Don’t Vote For Him
He’s Too Much Like Jefferson
He’s Too Much Like Lincoln
He’s Too Much Like Eisenhower

It’s time for the American electorate to be criticized…and we’re here to do it. We’d like to concentrate on ONLY positives, but the American electorate needs a good whipping, first. We’re here to insult this collective mind, NOT, per se, to any one individual, though there probably would be a great deal of you we would insult, were we to believe it would do you any good, and that you would heed the advise implied by such overt and brazen, verbally abusive activity. For those of you who feel you’re already in the know, we would suggest that the following opinion editorial should be part of your narrative, should you be involved in trying to change voters minds. This Op Ed is not directed at you.
As for the rest…
Now then…and however…the source of your inability to have an electoral mind of your own, is on Radio and TV. Use your common sense.
There’s another fact we’d like you to notice…we are definitely here to insult the entire media, en masse.
When a patient is sick, like this country is…why wouldn’t you call a doctor?
Woe unto us. It’s not a conspiracy…IT’S A FACT we all live by.
A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men … [W]e have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world—no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.
All of the above is from Woodrow Wilson’s The New Freedom: A Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People (New York and Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1913). [1]In this same work, Wilson also wrote the below:
Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.
Woe unto the memory of the President Woodrow Wilson who presided over the Administration and the Congress in the year 1913, and who delivered America to the largest private banks, and their families.
FDR’s Administration and Congress forced you to pay into a system, involuntarily by automatic deduction from your paycheck, into saving for your retirement, you’re not smart enough to do that on your own. They forced you to also, involuntarily, save for others unrelated to you except for common citizenship. Woe unto the memories of him and Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, and unto J. Edgar Hoover.
It’s easier for us to be fooled by a game of false choices than to stand up and be counted, and on that heading, to be counted correctly.
Dr. Ron Paul < (Wiki) (Campaign site here) wants to do two very important things, in our opinion…abolish the Federal Reserve…and abolish their monster – The Internal Revenue Service. That’s where the tyranny is emanating from in America. That’s the root of our problem, and the socialized government of the United States, factions of bureaucracy therein, are culpable and complicit in the exercise. Those two institutions account for 99 percent of the epicenter attributable to all of our collective misery.
In all of our research, and we’ve done quite a bit of it, not one opinion has convinced us of anything to the contrary by anyone, famous or infamous. Nobody in the insidiously, softly-fascistic mega-plex of multi-national, corporate/government hegemony wants YOU (was that too many descriptive words strung together for you?) to believe anything like Dr. Paul’s election, is conceivably reasonable to expect as a near term outcome…and so…you don’t. Preposterous, right? Of course THEY’RE right and WE’RE wrong…of course.
When America goes to the polls during the primaries, they won’t vote in enough numbers for Dr. Ron Paul, they’re not smart enough to do that.  And he’s got everyone who has power in the media, either by radio or TV, right and left, loosely conspiring to keep him from attaining the office. EVERYONE! And most of you believe them…and THAT IS A PROBLEM!
Americans wanted change when they voted for our current president. They voted for a man that used the word change as a montage woven into every aspect of his message. Once again, Americans fell for that over-used PR ploy – CHANGE. In eight years there has only been one candidate who has consistently shown he is a truthful and factual political policy change. Yet, Americans really like their lies laid on nice and thick and gooey. They want someone who looks like a president and sounds like a president. They don’t want a man who can actually BE a president. They want slogans and fancy rhetoric and to swallow everything the personalities on radio and television tell them to want.
Especially now, since the members of that infamous bunch of jerks, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, told us to follow the money. And miracle of miracles, NOW, everyone’s watching the money…Duuuhhhh? You’ve got to be kidding me…you’re kidding me, right, America? We can’t forget the Tea Party folks. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Let’s inspect that.
There are not enough critical thinkers in this country to make a difference, and that’s the biggest problem we face as an electorate during this next election season. And this election season, is the most direly important election you will ever have the privilege to vote in, ever again. And now since the double dip recession is on it’s way…to be quickly followed by a deflation of your dollar’s value…you’re finally paying attention, right?
Americans don’t want any real kind of change, they want fake change. They want to be able to blame someone for the miserable condition they’re in and when they consistently vote that way and get the opposite results they thought they’d voted for, that’s what they get, someone to blame. And to top it off, when they get what they voted for, or what they had mistakenly thought, they didn’t vote for, they act surprised it happened.
They want their Krugman’s and their Wallace’s. They want their Cavuto’s and Kramer’s. They want their O’Reilly’s and Coopers, their Amanpoure’s and Noonan’s, their New York Times and their Wall Street Journal’s (both from the great state of New York by the way – it’s actually been largely, a two step dance by the money interests in NYC ) to tell them what to do and who to vote for because they don’t know what to do and who to vote for. Americans are complicit in their own demise, and they like it that way. It’s easier to point a finger at someone else and blame them for their failures than to look at themselves. That’s what Americans want…they want to be treated like they’re stupid and they get that in spades.
They like their various chosen channels of media consumption because when they go there, they get treated like how they’ve been taught to accept as their role in this country, as dumb consumers. They get treated like the childish idiots they are because they really DO crave negative attention…and that’s because they were taught to like it by all of the subliminals in advertising messages for just about every product under the sun,  for 70 years or more, they’ve been taught to want and consume. That is their behavior…massive consumption, including products they don’t need.
Americans have been taught by all who practice public relations in the Bernays tradition, to cede to their desires and to consume. They’ve been taught to aspire to “credit” so they can buy things they can’t actually afford for cash on the barrel-head. They like their balloons and sparklies, and sumptuous meals, and sleek babes sitting next to them in the front seat of the car they can’t afford, except for on the pay as you go, interest gouging loans. The dirty little secret in the room is these media personalities know they’re advocates for, and won’t tell the American populace about the consumption agenda because they (folks in Council on Foreign Relations members media) are so arrogant, they believe they’re more right for the American populace than anything the populace comes to a consensus about for themselves. They’re all complicit in the Bernays school and they know it. Case in point: After 9-11 unfolded, President Bush told everyone to go shopping. Be good little patriots and get out there and consume things like we taught you. Meanwhile they’ve (the uber executive, corporate collective) been spending the last 30 years off-shoring all of our manufacturing, destroying the traditional role of the “All American Male.” And yes, women are still not paid on par with their counterparts, so forget the pinkies too, they’ve been somewhat overshadowed and handed the shaft, still. You haven’t come that far baby. (sans Virginia Slims cigarettes) It’s still just a little bit out of your reach…but they did get you onto the tax rolls in great enough number though, didn’t they…so who’s revolution was it really? How’s that credit card doin’ for ya? Do you have it paid off yet?
Politicians, bankers, and corporations play these cards like a Stradivarius violin. And Americans don’t get it. They’re sucked into all the sloganeering and calculated-to-sound-like-something-sound-bytes. The consumerism agenda propaganda campaign rolled out of our media factories has conditioned them to the lure of fame they can never have, enjoyed by very few. It has conditioned them to be a sucker for a good looking face that talks to them sweetly. They’re conditioned to respond to the carnival bark of the announcer’s voice. They’re slow learners, and even slower now because of almost 40 years of the National Educators Association in league with their unionist – government buddies. It took Americans near 20 years to figure out that Senator Barry Goldwater was right – they finally figured it out when they elected President Ronald Reagan, but not before they elected an assassin for Commander in Chief, President Lyndon Baines Johnson. That particular point may be a bit lost on some of our youngish, non-boomer audience…but it’s an important one for them to keep in mind.
So now that just about all the pretty faces are in the Republican nomination race, all the right wing media personalities, especially those on TV and Radio, are telling everyone to fall in love with Governor Rick Perry from Texas. The other Texan in the race. He’s got the look, that Texas drawl they love so much, and most people have seen enough of Former Governor Mitt Romney to know they’re not too overwhelmed by him. Representative Michele Bachman will be paid short shrift standing next to these two big money interests. And the media wants us all to believe that’s where the “beauty contest” will be waged. Gingrich, Santorum, Cain, Huntsman (a progressive Republican governor from Utah) and last, but by no small measure least, there’s Republican Congressman from the 14th District in Texas Dr. Ron Paul. A man that has received more campaign contributions from American Military personnel than any other candidate in the field.
Americans like their muscular war-mongering crowd. They like America’s official world mission of trying to export liberty and freedom from our shores which goes right along with off-shoring our industries, except maybe most of our defense corporations. They like watching America’s most precious resource, our blood, being shipped home in body bags. They absolutely love it, right? American’s like the inflation tax, the most insidious of all taxes. And so once again they’ll buy into all the jingoism being spouted and extolled and sold as our finest virtue. And why? Because they’re stupid. Who in their right mind would want to take a bullet in the chest for someone, if they had a real choice not to do so?
Exactly 20 years ago, the only other reasonable candidate since President Ronald Reagan, a student of Senator Barry Goldwater’s message -  CEO of old EDP, Ross Perot took to the national stage as an independent. Only 20 percent of the American public was smart enough to vote for him. He warned everyone about our GDP to debt ratio. He warned the nation about our trade policies. But after that election and by ’96 after his family had been secretly threatened, and after the drone of the same old PR campaigns had caught on again, Ross Perot and the Independent party that he bankrolled to nearly 400 million bucks was thrown into the ash heap of history never to be heard from again. And that campaign scared the heck out of the established franchises, especially the Republicans.
Ross Perot wasn’t a long tall classic Texan iconoclast, or a sweet talking and tall Arkansas Governor. He wasn’t handsome. He WAS and is way too smart for the American populace to understand or swallow. They just couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that short, squeaky voiced Ross Perot, was actually the man for the job then. He spoke with a short clipped cackle delivery in his voice. It didn’t sound pretty enough for them…so they didn’t pay attention in great enough numbers then, either.
Once again, here comes Dr. Ron Paul. Not so tall, but very knowledgeable, squeaky voiced, and who doesn’t use sound bites, Dr. Ron Paul. Same initials as Ross Perot, RP. An interesting coincidence. The exact opposite of the initials PR. And again, America isn’t smart enough to listen to this man. This man, who’s the closest thing to Ross Perot that we’ll ever see again, with basically the same message – eliminate the debt to GDP disparity, install a sound monetary system policy, and standing down America’s stance from the war-mongering foreign policy we’ve employed to our utter disgust and failure for over 60 years. The same foreign policy that another Republican, President Dwight Eisenhower warned us against, something he called the Military Industrial Complex. And now, because we are all invested in it, it might be wise to keep a very close eye on it, because that’s where all the real big banking money is lodged. The kind of banks that finance governments LIKE our Federal Reserve, and who at present are not too well regarded by other world class government central banks. The subject of importance there is; how long will the foreigners continue to believe in our Federal Reserve notes?
There’s an influential radio host out there, Mark Levin, one of the best constitutional scholars in the entire media complex on the air – and he doesn’t like the Paul Doctrine of less foreign involvement, non-intervention, and less “militarism.” We guess he thinks the memory of President John Adams isn’t relevant here either, eh? Or President James Madison, most importantly – President George Washington. He doesn’t like Paul’s stance on the FED. That must mean he believes in the Federal Reserve System and oppressively under-regulated credit for the people. We disagree. That must mean he believes in having all of our military bases all over the world. We’re neutral leaning hawkish, meaning some, but only the absolutely necessary ones.
The media on both sides likes to paint Dr. Ron Paul like an insignificant doddering old man. They don’t want an intellectually honest doctor running this country, he doesn’t conform to Council on Foreign Relations standards. He’s not hawkish enough for what he would term the “militarists.” The smug intellectuals who quote the day’s talking points by wrote memory in order to guide the American population, are told the man that big money wants (and that’s why we should all be vigilant) to elect, and that’s who is going to be elected…a Republican big money is behind. It’s not too late though…and only in the circumstance that Dr. Paul is not given the nod by the time the convention rolls around. Big money will get behind the Good Dr. if we put him there, you can bet on that!
However, in the other event, it’s just a matter of time to see who wins the battle. Perry or Romney. Our guess is Perry. Romney’s stale, and that’s why Perry got in the race. Some from the big money circles weren’t sure Romney could win, they wanted a fresh face, and that should’ve given Romney a bit of pause, because he’s just been shown the door, as far as we’re concerned. Palin’s not in the race yet, and they won’t give Bachman the shot. Ron Paul will not get their endorsement because he represents giving American’s sovereignty again, and they don’t want that, it’s not a forward leaning global point of view. Our argument relative to Dr. Ron Paul is also relevant to Bachman and Palin, in certain other aspects.
They don’t want Ron Paul because he represents unraveling the one hundred year old money paradigm and interest scam, in private partnership with the Government of the USA called the Federal Reserve System. They don’t want Ron Paul because he wants to unravel the IRS, the official collections arm, employed by the United States to operate for the interest scam. Ron Paul doesn’t have the Hollywood looks or that characteristic booming voice heard in all of our NEWS announcers and carnival barking advertisers. He doesn’t play the PR game. No, and he’s too smart for anyone but maybe 10 percent of America, and that’s because there’s even less critical thinking people now in America than there had been 20 years ago. They don’t want him because they believe he’ll make America weak defensively. Some liken Paul’s military stance to George McGovern from days of yore. We don’t think that’s quite accurate. Let’s not forget, we’ve already executed the Marshall Plan, it’s time to drop the mission creep of that agenda. It’s not America’s job to build the world, any longer. Why should we let China horn in on our action, by getting the benefit of competition in areas where we restored, or actually built a market, by force or otherwise? They’re getting enough from us already! And to boot, we’re teaching them how to be capitalists. Thanks, President Nixon.
No, Congressman Ron Paul is just too smart of a choice for the American people. In fact, he represents the only REAL change in executive leadership this country will ever see again. No, American’s want a man who looks like a model of what they all wish they were. That’s all that matters, he’s got to look like our president, forget about the substance.
Ron Paul is just too much of a departure from the last hundred years to be palatable to our country’sjingoistic, “natural aristocracy,” intelligentsia establishment to be elected. They don’t like him. He doesn’t want to spend money on big government like Democrats. He doesn’t want to shepherd money like the big money Republicans, in league with the banking system and the military industrial complex. He wants to give America back to the people of this country. His campaign asks too much from the American public, something called personal responsibility. American’s don’t want personal responsibility, American’s want to be told what to do and how to live, and how to consume. Consume everything like grasshoppers on a corn crop. That’s what they think is good for America, consume. That’s what they were told to think by all the folks who represent most things that are bad for this nation except for their own pocketbooks.
Ron Paul is diametrically opposed to everything the Democrats want, and half of what we know the Republicans in charge of the big money in this country want. He represents too much change.
America is too stupid to know what change is. For the fifth, and certainly not the last time coming from this paper, they’ve been taught to be that stupid. And this mental programming permeates the critical thinking capacity of at least half the active electorate.
What are we to think? Everyone influential on the right, who call themselves conservatives, would have you believe as they do, that he’s a doddering old man. They think, he’s not electable…and many have said so, on too many occasions. So, because they think so, and because the Tea Party folks have written him off, as well, (Michele Bachman is prettier than Dr. Paul and so is Sarah) we guess he must be un-electable right? And let’s not forget, Herman Cain was a Chairman of a Federal Reserve Bank, even though we think Herman Cain could be a good president, if we have to put up with the FED’s activities…and the long shot Mr. Cain actually can pull this off, though we’re not convinced of it yet. In light of that last remark, we emphatically think – Dr. Paul is a much better alternative.
How long do you want your sons and daughters to come home in body bags? How long do you want to pay the inflation tax? How long do you want to keep on losing your liberty to be who you are? How many more years do you want to spend your lives underemployed, or unemployed, or being unable to start a business? How many more times do you want to see the same old re-baked, failed policies employed, all those things used to perpetuate whatever war they want and say, that we shall all fight? Whose sacrifice is it, THEIRS? How many more years do you want to keep spending your time waging a war against this, and a war against that? How many more years do you want to spend your time listening to that same old PR drone, deafening you to your own critical minds? How many more years do you want to spend having your brains handed to you in a bag, from behind some microphone or other, in the form of televised and advertised garbage-message? How many more years do you want to be played like a mark at a carnival?
Are you mad we’d dare speak this way to you? If you’re a thinker you should be mad. Your neighbors aren’t smart enough to listen, and it’s up to you to do something about it. Too much civic responsibility for you? Really?.
No, not us…we’re afraid of each other in this country. That’s what they’ve wanted all these years after JFK’s assassination, and they got it!. They want us paranoid and listening to their drone. They’ll have their way with us again. There’s not enough light bulbs lit in the minds of this electorate yet. It’s too much pain, and too little, way too far in the game to expect we can survive like we once did, if this man isn’t elected in this next term.
It’s now or never again. Say good-bye to this country as you’ve known it, no matter what generation you’re from.
There’s only one candidate in this race who has a reliably consistent voting record that this populace can count on. He will veto every piece of garbage, “unconstitutional” legislative action that comes to his desk, and he will try to do away with some of the rest of the unconstitutional legislation’s that have been oppressing this nation, and shoved down our gullets for over 100 years. He’s the only one in the race that will let us catch our breath after all the hard work we’ve endured for the last forty years, which this country, used as a collective of the willing AND unwilling have accomplished, for good or ill.
We don’t need a Chief Executive that will work WITH Congress, we need a man who will work AGAINST them. We don’t need a Chief Executive to work WITH the Federal Reserve, we need a man to work AGAINST them. We DO need a man who believes in a muscular but conservative thinking defense posture, that’s one of the reasons why Reagan was a great president. We don’t think Ron Paul will de-fang the United States of America.
There is a Republican group-think demographic that believes in America’s Super-Cop presence in the world. There most definitely is a Democratic group-think which believes, same. Some of them are true-blue Americans and they think defending this country by having a forward leaning defensive stance throughout the world is our best and only legitimate deterrent expressed to our enemies. That is the Bush Doctrine. Senator McCain and others shares this view. We should be wary of this…it’s controlled by the largest banks in the world. Those banks are not our friends. They are nefarious and have been throughout history, and many of them believe, though guardedly, they’re above the law. They manipulate markets across the globe with their various demonstrable behaviors in terms of capital proliferation policy. They have a habit of bankrolling both sides of a military conflict, no matter which countries are doing the fighting. Their greed and arrogance is unbridled, and unprincipled. They have no Judeo/Christian virtues.
President Obama has shown us what he is. He’s a rubber stamp for anything Democrats in Congress will put in front of him. To fight those idiots, the Senate over-rode the House Republicans by using McConnell and others.
In this next election, the Republican’s will win. Enough of the youth in this country are a tad bit more awake. Most of that swing group will be on the other side of the equation this time ’round. They’re not stupid. And that’s who will help deliver this election to the Republicans. They are a big factor here, and President Obama  has lost ‘em. They aren’t going to go for that jive of his. They won’t be fooled twice. Neither will the conservative Blacks nor the right leaning Hispanics.
But being that’s the case, our opinion, it’s the Republican’s responsibility to show this particular part of the electorate, the good faith and best considerations of the Republican franchise brand. So, we’ll all have to swallow hard to vote for this next Republican nominee. It IS going to be WHO they want – and that unfortunately is NOT the distinguished Republican Congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul. We know it’s not Mr. Paul because everything in the media on both sides is telling us, they won’t get behind him. It will take a miracle for enough critically thinking Americans to gather in enough numbers to counter this tacitly implied agenda. The rest of America is star-struck. There’s too many of them. The big money interests on both sides want another suit who will appear to do what they say they’ll do and continue to let Congress to legislate what THEY, which includes the competing lobby agendas, want legislated. Ron Paul is not THEIR man. He’ll stand up to them. They don’t want that.
Of course that is unless you heed this insult and put Dr. Paul over the top because you believe you’re vote is worth more than what you’re facing in the primaries.
In this race, four people will try and get as close to the truths they BELIEVE in and will act upon, in good faith. In no particular order, so ladies first…Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin – when she quits playing cat and mouse, Herman Cain, and the best Commander and Chief we could get…Ron Paul. There are four that are fishy, but without a doubt better than the current Chief Executive; Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Giuliani? Stay home. Christie? Take care of Jersey. Still some others are calling for Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin to get in this debate. Let’s make this real confusing, shall we? Yes, let’s do this. And Don Trump? He’ll stay on the sidelines and snipe from the box seats, and we need him to. That’s where he’ll be of service. And welcome, it most certainly is.
As for the NEWS media folks, and their word processor/email compositions, along with the daily composed talking points documents extolling the virtues of what they say “we’re” all thinking, or suppose to be thinking, were we to trust what they’re representing as facts, (never mind the polls) from the desks of the members of America’s distinguished, premium, premiere dot org – organization called The Council on Foreign Relations (rife with most of the members of lefty media, along with some righty’s)…if you folks want to call this election, like a radio announcer calls a boxing match, get a job at ringside…and tell your oh so intellectually superior bosses, we think they’re full of flippin’ bologna sausage. And go ahead and wrap that sand wedge around the next tree you find because you can’t pitch it out from a sand trap.
As for the shutterbug paparazzi? We’re all getting a bit annoyed with you folks, and we’re bored with your shot compositions.
We’d like to you elect this man America. He’ll at least try to restore your liberties. We DO know one thing for sure – he does consider your liberty as sacrosanct and inviolate. Most importantly, he values the intrinsic worthiness of your dollars and a much less flexible money supply. And if you want to beat America’s enemies into submission, there’s nothing better than a valuable American dollar bill. President Reagan proved that point. You didn’t forget the fall of the USSR and the Berlin wall did ya? That was the final culmination of the Marshall Plan, whether they planned it that way or not.
Well…how’s that for a global perspective?
Scott Pollack – Chief Editor – The Critical Post – (TCP)CHICAGO 11:34 HRS CST 18 August 2011
Edited By Brian Sidler Former Music Writer for Chicago Music Magazine
And now this from our friends at Trading Advantage dot com:
Article Submitted By: Trading Advantage

Many people believe that the media is biased in favor of the left or the right, depending on which television station you’re watching, which is certainly true.  One thing seems to be clear though, BOTH the left and the right sides of the media are dismissing the Libertarian running for president: Ron Paul.
The left hates his smaller government stance, while the right abhors his no war policy.
(TCP)CHICAGO Opinion: Here’s where Time Magazine masquerades as a credible NEWS source.
Time Magazine said this about the issue…
The sheer, smug dismissiveness with which the political press treats the libertarian Congressman in these clips is really something. And it’s yet another example of political media winnowing the pack in advance by deciding who is a “serious” candidate and who isn’t—in this case, seemingly, by deciding that Paul’s beliefs are too far out there or, maybe more likely, simply don’t easily fit the left-right narrative.
I’m not, by the way, making the argument that Paul would have a serious shot at the GOP nomination in any case. That hardly matters, though; a candidate with obvious significant support can still have a serious effect on the race, and its ideas, and that’s news. Or it should be, if the horserace handicappers didn’t insist on deciding their news angles in advance.
Jon Stewart displays the amazing dismissiveness here:

In other news, the European “emergency meeting” ended with no new news.  Nothing in Europe was fixed but since it was discussed, it is no longer an issue.
Too bad that sort of nonsense doesn’t work in real life.  Imagine you bet everything on black in Vegas and lose; then hold an emergency meeting with a counselor, talk about the debt, and then somehow your financial problems go away.  Yes, make believe would be great.
Trade well and follow the trend, not the so-called “experts.”
Behold the age of infinite moral hazard! On April 2nd, 2009 CONgress forced FASB to suspend rule 157 in favor of deceitful accounting for the TBTF banksters.





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