“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned;

if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity;

but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."

Ezekiel 33:6

"A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring."

Proverbs 25:26

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White House Insider: President Obama Should Be Arrested Read

I remember.  So has the fear gone along with the scandal?  Just like that?
No…not “just like that”.  I still have concerns.  But I’m more frustrated than anything these days.  Really frustrated.  And damn tired.  Granted, the last few months have been very good for me – we pulled away and won it, and that is always a nice thing to be a part of.  Can’t hurt the resume, right?  But regarding that scandal you keep hitting on – I understand you’re wanting to see it happen.  We all did.  We still do – and it just might yet…but the situation has changed.  The president is in a stronger position now than he was just a couple months ago.
This is starting to feel like you called me in here to end this.  To wrap it up.  Have you given up?

(Long pause)  It ain’t dark yet…but it’s getting there.  Here is where I’m at in this thing.  The move to get real political pressure against this White House, from both outside and in – that was the plan underway, that is what we were working to pull off.  It didn’t evolve much beyond pissing off a few people, and scaring a few more.  Certain things needed to happen that did not.  So I backed off.  We backed off.  One guy up and quit it. Dropped it.  Left.  That was a big loss to what we were trying to accomplish.  When you first published what I was telling you…much of it, was coming first hand, or very near to the source, right? I know what I saw. Know what I heard. Know what I was told by those in the room.  Then time went on, and the information I relayed to you was second hand, or even more speculative than that.  Not wrong necessarily, just not…secure, or maybe quite as accurate.  We had people in Congress though…contacts that went very high up.  People we had worked with, for, long term deals.  Good people.  That’s where much of the Pelosi information originated from.  And later, the Issa details.  But now…
(Interrupts) So you got no sources? No access?  How long has this been for?  How long has…

(Interrupts) That’s not what I said.  Not at all.  What I’ve sent you was good information for the most part – at least as good as I had at the time. Maybe not quite as timely as before.  And there are still sources to that kind of information, but basically, the motivation is greatly diminished.
Whose motivation?  Yours?  Your sources?   

Yeah – all of the above.  My motivation…do I want to keep banging my head against this wall?  Will it make a difference? People far higher up in this chain have backed away from it.  If I don’t have them helping out, then why bother?  What for?  Financially, this year has been good to me, and I likely got a bit more work coming by summer and if I want to go one more time around the track, into 2012.  Then I’m done.  Maybe a book. Maybe a little consulting on the side.  Maybe just more fishing.  Maybe I’ll just disappear…

I got so many questions I don’t know where to start…you keep referring to “we”, as in “we had contacts”, “what we were trying to accomplish”.  Care to elaborate on who you’re talking about?  That might be a good start at this point.

No, I won’t elaborate on that – and you know better than to ask.  You tried that before didn’t you? It’s not the first time I’ve used that term with you.  We as in  those in the Democratic Party who were shocked, or disappointed, or concerned over the impact the Obama White House was having on the party, on people in the party who were being forced out, and at least for a time, were willing to entertain the idea of trying to prevent the administration from inflicting more damage. Of wanting to push back – hard, against Obama and more importantly, Jarrett.

(Interrupts)  You already said that – but you also said it was more than that, right?  That you were afraid for the country.  That Obama was so inept, so clueless – you used that exact term, that the country was going to be harmed, right?  So are you saying you don’t feel that way anymore?  That you’ll just collect another fat campaign check in 2012 and call it a day? Is that what you’re saying, because if it is…if it is, you can go –expletive- yourself.
(Laughs)  There it is!  There’s the Irish in you! (pauses)…I understand your anger.  I knew you wouldn’t be happy to hear what I have to say.  I’m sorry to disappoint you but we tried and it didn’t work.  The donors threatened Obama, but most of then are back on board.  Pelosi stayed on.  Issa doesn’t appear to be making any serious move against the administration.  The president is feeling far more confident these days because of it, and so his vulnerability is much less.  People are more afraid to move against him – especially those within the party.  Look, this thing was a long-shot.  You knew that.  But now it’s time to move on.  I need to move on.  You need to move on. 

No.  I’m not ready to just quit.  I’m not ready to watch six more years of an Obama administration.  America is barely surviving the last two.  What will the next six bring?  Don’t you care about that?  You have family.  Don’t you worry about that?  You have information – come out and share it.  Leak it. Get it to the media.  No more cloak and dagger. No more manipulating.  Just come out with it.

That’s not going to happen.  What’s that phrase – don’t go into a gunfight with a knife?  I’ll get my ass handed to me – if I’m lucky.  That’s not how things are done.  Don’t be so idealistic and –expletive- dramatic.  Look – I think you are not quite understanding my position here, or maybe I’m not communicating it like I need to.  I’m not saying I’m just gonna up and quit this thing cold turkey.  I still got some ideas – still got people interested in alternatives.  But things have cooled off, ok? That’s it.  It might be wise for us to take a step back and wait to see what unfolds.  And as far as “leaking it” goes, that kind of thing is very tough to come by these days.  Very-very tough.

I read a recent Politico article that stated the administration was clamping down on leaks.  Going after people more than any other administration – I assumed that was the purge you had warned about a while back.
Yes.  I was told there had been a number of meetings about information getting out.  Jarrett was livid over it.  As was the First Lady.  It was partly why Axelrod left – he was unable to clamp down on the leaks. Probably had something to do with Gibbs going away as well.  Don’t believe the bullshit reasons comin’ out of the administration.  Rahm was blamed when he was there, and blamed even after he was forced out.  They got Holder lookin’ in the weeds for anyone giving out information – especially information that might harm the president’s chances in 2012.  That’s the real issue here – it’s not military secrets or anything like that –  it’s things that might make Obama look foolish, incompetent – those are the leaks that has Jarrett and Michelle screaming for people’s heads.  This White House, those people…they don’t care about America.  They really don’t.  It’s all about them. At every goddamn level of every goddamn thing they do – it’s all about them.

So why not keep fighting against it?  Don’t stop – keep going.
Like I said, I’m not “stopping”.  It’s more like…waiting it out for a bit.  Maybe I’ll jump back into this thing, maybe someone will take the lead – in fact, I’m almost certain of that—
(Interrupts) Who?  Who is taking over for you?  Will I have access to their information?  I’d be happy to help any way I can.

I know you would, and I appreciate it.  I really do.  As for who, what, or when – not positive at this point.  Just a gut feeling that somebody is gonna step up, and it could very well be somebody with a lot more pull and punch than I got left in me.  And a somebody that can actually extract this scandal into the light of day – get that damn story out there without fear of a bullet to the back of the head – and I’m only half joking on that.  You know that, right?
Yes, I’m well aware of that.  You keep talking and talking about a scandal – but now you seem to think it won’t get out, or that it will take someone else to get it done.  Why not you?

Because I can’t do it.  I just can’t do it alone.  No way.  I’m not gonna put myself out there that far – that exposed.  You got a Pelosi to do the heavy lifting that’s one thing.  She would survive it.  Hell, she woulda been stronger for it I think.  But not me.  It needs to be somebody higher up in the media, political structure, with Pelosi having stepped back from it, it needed to be Issa.  We were counting on him to follow through.  I don’t think that’s happening now.
Follow through with what?  You said it would start with the DOJ and then head back to Chicago.  What was it?  Do you even know?

Specifically, no.  Actually, yes – but not any one thing for certain…it’s so many things – such a deep dark pit.  It was more a generalized “this is what is coming down the pike and it could lead all the way to the White House”. That was told to me directly by someone well in the know on such things, at the time anyways. They weren’t comfortable sharing it – but they weren’t exactly upset it existed either.  Now they’re gone…(pauses) And Pelosi was livid against this White House – at least at the time.  It got back to her the White House wanted her gone, that she was considered a big liability to the administration… she was very upset, and ready to go to war. She was even throwing out birther threats - you remember that? Then all of  it just…vanished.  Gone. Done. The information coming out of her office went silent.  So after the elections we turned to Issa’s potential, as well as hoping for an assist from someone at the Post.  There were assurances Issa had what was needed and was going to move the scandal forward.  Then soon after I was told his office was meeting with Obama people more and more often – and more recently we get Holder just closing down the NBP  investigation and not a word on it from Issa or other Republican leaders.  So can we count on Issa?  I don’t think so – and without that, then this thing goes from tough to impossible, right?
The Black Panther thing though…that doesn’t seem to have been enough of a scandal to impact the Obama White House.  That wasn’t it was it?

First, I disagree with you there.  It had potential to be big – not so much in the actual crime, but as is always the case – it’s the cover-up.  That’s why I kept telling you to follow it.  Our Justice Department is being run by racism.  It is an extension of the racism that permeates the Obama White House.  The First Lady, Valerie Jarrett, and yes, President Obama – all of them are consumed by the politics of race, division, retribution…and the NBP case ties directly to all of that.

But racism isn’t a crime.
No it isn’t – but government initiated discrimination is a crime.  And that is what the NBP case represents.  Did you hear the testimony of Holder?  The “my people” thing?  That is stunning stuff right there.  Are you kidding me?  “My people”?  Tell me this country ain’t being run by racists after that!  Tell me!

I still don’t see the Black Panther case as a scandal big enough to do much harm to Obama.  What—
(Interrupts) No-no…you right on that.  That was to be the catalyst…(pauses) sayin’ too much here maybe.  This thing could still unfold – don’t wanna to say too much.  The NBP situation was going to lead to further investigations into the Obama Justice Department.  You see, it’s the Justice Department that is the firewall for the administration.  For EVERTHING – and the stuff that could destroy the Obama White House…it starts at Justice, and then leads to Chicago.  Now the evidence of that fact is already there.  For Eric Holder to so visibly shut down the NBP case was actually a desperate move.  That would not have happened without some panic having set in.  He could be burned for that and maybe that’s the plan.  Allow himself to be the fall guy, line up somebody else that will do just as good a job – perhaps better, at continuing to protect Obama – keep a lid on the information, the garbage, all the crap that surrounds who he is and where he came from. Probably be a white guy to minimize the charges of racism in the department.   You’ve actually commented on some of that stuff more than you realize already.  And I’ll say this – the numbers of Obama operatives running around Chicago these days is off the charts.  This White House is spooked about that.  Bank on it.  No pun intended there.

You said earlier that Obama was more confident these days though…
He is.  Pelosi backed off.  Issa appears to have done the same.  Holder is holding the line.  Information coming out of Chicago is still being limited – clamped down upon.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t nervous.  They are.  Watch the Blagojevich thing – the trial.  The deal to be made.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  And what happened to Rezko?  That’s part of the same deal.  A company called Companion Security…Blago, Rezko, the Feds.  It’s all brewing – maybe boiling over?  Of course the national media is burying all of this.  Most of it – that’s partly why we gotta back off.  The risk, the exposure, it’s too great.  We need help – help that I thought was coming but never fully materialized.
Rezko?  That could still be a problem for Obama?

(Laughs)  Yeah – do you think?  Hell yeah it could be a problem.  The guy has been holed up in jail waiting for sentencing.  Why?  Why so long?  Holder’s people are all over that thing – just like Blago.  Obama is in the mix of that mess for sure.  Does anybody really dispute that?  But you see, it’s the Justice Department’s complicity in protecting Obama during the ongoing investigations – talking current crimes here now… that is what can really sink them.  Not that there is just bank fraud, RICO  laws that were broken, payoffs, intimidations, – that’s all basic Chicago business as usual, right?  But now add the White House’s handling of all of that since Obama became President  – now you got a presidential scandal.  Now you got an investigation that leads to uncovering all of that mess.  Now you got grounds to legally go after Holder, Jarrett, and even the President of the United States.  Hell, throw in the First Lady too…

So you think President Obama should be impeached?
Impeached?  -Expletive- no.  That’s too good for him.  President Obama should be arrested. What’s that word you used a while back – sedition?  Well there you go – that pretty much sums up this whole stinking cesspool of a White House right there.   Look, I was suspicious of this guy before – but based on what I was told these past few months…the man, those around him (pauses) …this president is the most corrupt thing to have sat in the White House in our lifetimes.  Being part of that campaign in 2008…it makes me sick.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  Sick.  To have played any part in getting him elected…Obama isn’t just incompetent…he’s something else. Something worse.  I’ve been around a lot of asshole-arrogant politicians.  Plenty of those.  Even a few outright criminals.  This is different.  This is a whole other level of corrupt.
You say Obama is “something else” – something beyond just incompetent or arrogant…

What is he?





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