“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned;

if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity;

but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."

Ezekiel 33:6

"A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring."

Proverbs 25:26

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Reagan Era Resurrection Warning to Republicans

Published by Ron Spangler
Warning to Democrats and Republicans, the American people have had enough

Political pundits and analyst are all over the place trying to spin the few elections taking place. Depending on who you listen to it is either a referendum on President Obama and the Democrats in Congress or a referendum on the Republican party.

Ronald Reagan did say never speak ill of another Republican but he also said trust but verify. In the case of New York’s 23rd Congressional District candidate Republican Dierdre Scozzafava the people have spoken. According to polls they originally trusted her until they had the opportunity to verify. Once it was verified that she was more like the Democrats than she was Republicans the trust was lost and she dropped out of the race. Since Dierdre has formally endorsed the Democratic candidate the verification has been confirmed, she was never a true Republican that believed in the Party’s principles.

In the midterm elections taking place in 2010 we may see a repeat of what has happened in the 23rd Congressional District. Americans are fed up with the direction this President and Congress is taking America. The true unemployment rate is closer to 17% than it is the predicted 10% that the economist are predicting. If Congress passes this Health Care Reform Bill with the planned government take over option, Cap and Trade will be right around the corner. Oil prices will double and there will be a voter’s revolt throughout the country in 2010. No incumbent will be safe. It happened in Tennessee when politicians tried to pass a state income tax and it can happen around the country.

Politicians running as Independents or on a 3rd Party have never been serious contenders at the national level. The midterm 2010 elections and even the Presidential election in 2012 could be the time of the Independent or 3rd party candidate. If the truth comes out about the true state of America the voters will be appalled and seek vengeance against both parties. As Americans figure out what the Health Care Reform Bill and Energy (Cap and Trade) Bill really mean, they will demand both be swiftly repealed and action be taken to restrict the Federal Government from interfering with the free market with taxpayer bailouts and stimulus money.

Both bills will give the Federal Government unprecedented power to pass laws governing everything we do in our private lives. Under health care they can pass laws penalizing us for, or even restricting us from, eating certain foods, drinking unhealthy drinks, smoking, failing to exercise a certain number of hours a day, driving when we can walk, buying vehicles that don’t meet government standards, refusing government mandated vaccines, or visiting health facilities or doctors not approved by the Government Health Care system even if we pay from our own pocket. Remember the government will have access to our complete medical records so they will know what we are doing at all times.

Under the Energy Bill it will not be long until the Government gains complete control of the major American oil companies. With the doubling of the price of gas due to high oil prices, President Obama and Congress will be able to pass the Windfall Profits Tax that will destroy the American companies. This will be the perfect crisis to justify the take over of the oil industry in America. Americans will have no choice but to buy the small under powered death traps that will be built by Government Motors (not a Typo). Since the standards for selling or building vehicles in the United States will be so high and restrictive the competition in the automotive industry will be extremely limited. In this way the government will be able to dictate what and how we drive our vehicles in the United States.

As Americans see this type of scenario playing out they are starting to retaliate against both parties. They are sending a message to Republicans, return to our basic ideas of less government, less spending, less taxation, less entitlements, more jobs, more support for small business, real heath care reform without government takeover, a strong defense and ending the Afghan war with honor and victory. The message is clear if you do not agree to these principles we will create or find another party that does prescribe to these ideas. Disillusioned Independents that voted for Obama are sending the Democrats the same message. As they see Obama waffling on his earlier announced Afghan strategy they are beginning to believe he is weak on defense and dangerously weak in foreign affairs. Everyday more and more Americans are comparing him to Jimmy Carter and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.
How can Republicans win in the 2010 midterm elections and have a chance in the 2012 Presidential elections, by returning to their principles and entering into another real contract with America. This contract must be real and achieve their goals by 2012 or there will be a 3rd Party in the Presidential elections that will be Independent Conservatives.

Some of the principles are listed below, feel free to add your own:
1. The Government both Federal and State must accept the Constitution and its Articles as-is and never stray from its meaning and words. The rights of individuals including business cannot be infringed upon without due process in accordance with the Constitution.

2. The Federal Government is restricted from passing any laws if they have not been given the power in accordance with the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. This includes mandating that American citizens participate in any government programs that are not directly related to taxes that are clearly authorized by the Constitution.

3. The Federal Government has a duty and obligation to the American taxpayer to make certain that taxpayer dollars are not being wasted on frivolous programs without public knowledge and consent. The Federal Government will curtail wasteful spending and continue to cut the deficit until it has been eliminated altogether.

4. Taxation on American citizens must be simplified and reduced to the lowest amount that will ensure the taxpayer will never be burdened with debt to the federal government. Corporate tax on American business and all other forms of taxation on American business will be reduced to the lowest amount possible to ensure American business can compete in the global market and encourages American business to keep their business and factories within the United States. To encourage a strong and vibrant American free market Congress will pass no taxes that are punitive or restricts a business from making a lawful profit (Windfall Profits Tax).

5. Realizing the necessity of America to depend more on its own natural resources and less on foreign resources, Congress will pass no laws that will infringe upon the rights of business in the United States to exploit and make available to the general public these natural resources. Any Federal Law that restricts the use or exploration of our natural resources must be revisited and repealed if the law can be shown to be an unfair burden on the industry or the American economy. Recognizing States Rights in accordance with the Constitution the Federal Government will not infringe upon the right of the State to govern the exploration and use of the natural resources within the borders of each state. If a State authorizes a business to explore and make available to the general public the natural resources discovered within the States borders the Federal Government will take no part in restricting the use and exploration of that resource. If the natural resource is found to be on public land the people not the government shall decide if the natural resources can be exploited.

6. In providing for a strong National Defense the President or Congress will not institute military conscription (draft) unless Congress has declared a Declaration of War in accordance with the Constitution. As part of the Federal Government’s responsibility to protect America the Congress and President will secure our borders by all means possible. Hiring of illegal immigrants will be forbidden and penalties for hiring illegals will be enforced. Crossing our borders illegally will result in automatic deportation and a lifetime restriction from reentering the United States. Entering after deportation will result in a mandatory prison sentence. Persons that commit or are suspected of committing a murder within the United States and flee to another country must be extradited to face justice in the United States. If a country refuses to extradite the individual the United States will take all appropriate action necessary, including cutting diplomatic relationships, to ensure the person is returned to the United States.

7. Congress must refrain from passing any taxes or laws that may be burdensome on a individual’s rights of free speech, religion, or the right to own and bear arms. These are basic rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution and can in no way be infringed upon or discouraged by any Federal or State governments.

8. We must encourage our children to stay in school and demand our schools return to teaching the basic skills and knowledge that our children will need if they are to be successful in life. Before our children are thrown into the progressive science and arts theories we must first make certain they can read and understand the English language. They must be knowledgeable in math, American and World history, and able to write legibly without depending on computers, calculators, or other forms of modern technology. As part of history we should be teaching our children about religion and how it effected the history of America. If we are going to continue to teach the theory of evolution we must also teach them about the alternative theory of the intelligent design.

Goals that must be met by the new Congress:
1. If the Health Care Plan as written is passed into law Congress must actively work to repeal and reform this law by the next election cycle of 2012.

2. If a Energy Bill (Cap and Trade) is passed it must be repealed within the first year of the new Congress.

3. Taxes on individuals and business must be reduced within the 1st year of the new Congress.

4. New tax laws must be written permanently reducing the amount of taxes and simplifying the tax code before the 2012 election cycle.

5. The Federal Government must reduce the size of government agencies by eliminating any program or agency that is redundant or outdated.

6. Congress through its oversight committees will demand the Execute Branch be forthright and open about all of the appointments the President has made in its so called Czar positions.

7. Congress will return the auto industry to the private sector and work to return all bailout money to the taxpayer.

8. Congress will work to freeze all spending not directly related to supporting a Strong National Defense and a budget small enough to operate the government without adding to the deficit.

9. Congress will immediately begin to institute new laws that will reduce the debt and create incentives for American business to remain in the United States and create new jobs.

10. Congress will immediately reduce the amount of bureaucracy surrounding the exploration and exploitation of natural resources in the United States. Resources found on public lands will be open for exploration and government restrictions will be reduced to allow exploration and exploitation within 2 yrs from the time a application by private industry has been submitted to the Federal Government.

These are a few steps that must be taken to restore the United States to the once powerful and most respected country on earth. If a candidate in the 2010 midterm elections will commit to these simple principles and goals the country can change course and return to the direction our founding fathers had in mind.




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