“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned;

if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity;

but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."

Ezekiel 33:6

"A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring."

Proverbs 25:26

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White House Insider: "President Obama is lost. Absolutely lost."

Published by Ulsterman

In your email to me last week, you indicated a scandal was coming to the White House.  Could you elaborate a bit more on that now?  Sadly, with this White House it is no longer a matter of a scandal, but of scandals.  I see you did a story recently on the Justice Department situation surrounding the voting rights case.  Continue watching that – it’s going to break open more soon after Republicans take the House.  As you stated, it’s going to be investigated.

So is that the scandal you were speaking of?  No – and yes. (Silence)
Ok… I have to be very-very careful here.  You need to understand that.  
I cannot say too much or my position is clearly exposed – or it could be.  
So I’m hesitant to say too much or the wrong thing.
But you said in your email last week that…I know what I said. I know that.  
You don’t need to repeat what the email said, ok?  
I’m not the only one who needs to be careful here you know.  
You are getting too bold with this thing.  
I don’t mind using you to throw up some balloons, but I don’t want you getting hurt for it – and you’re stepping on some very large feet now with this stuff.  
I don’t know if you fully appreciate that, or the dangers that come with it.

At least give us an idea on this scandal you indicated earlier.  However you wish to say it, I promised my readers information.  (Laughs) Your readers!  You are really getting into this thing now aren’t you!? Your readers…uh-huh.  Don’t forget who gave you this information.  Don’t forget who can take it away, ok?  And I will.  You’re playing your part in this – and I am writing the script.  Don’t you -expletive- forget that.

Just tell me about this scandal.  (Leans back, folds arms across chest.  Looks outside – then back to me) Ok then – I’ll point your nose in the right direction.  Enough people are sniffing in the same garbage pile anyways, including the Times.  Though I suspect they are burying it at the moment, or trying to.  They are still heavily invested in Obama, but that may change soon… Go back to Chicago.  That is the key.  There is other crap around the White House, other things that could trip them up, but Chicago is where the real heavy deal is that could bring the administration down.  Go back and review Blagojevich.  Go back and review Rezko, Barton, Stern,  Giordano, Carothers, Jarret.  It’s one and the same. It’s all connected, and it’s big.  And people know.  The White House is -expletive- itself over this stuff.  Pelosi has it. Clintons have it – more of it than they had in 2008.

(Interrupts) What do you mean “have it”?  The information – the story.  At least some of it, enough of it.  It’s all a chess match you know.  A series of moves. Right now the White House is scrambling, and they don’t know enemies from friends anymore.  The party is attempting to localize the damage so it doesn’t spread.  Make it just about Chicago, and worst case, Obama – but not the party.  And so you look back to Chicago, you look at the Justice Department, connect the dots.  One investigation will potentially reveal the other.  And it’s all setting up to happen now if the November elections go down with a Republican landslide.  Obama will be left without protection.  His inner circle is scared to death.  I mean truly frightened by the prospects of what could be coming at them in the coming months.  They have enemies both in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  President Obama is lost.  Absolutely lost.”
So what is your part in this? Why come to me and start all of this?  I’ve answered that before. I love my party. I love my country.  And yes, I love the game.  I won’t be at this much longer…or maybe I will, who knows? (laughs)  I  had such great hopes for President Obama.  Those hopes have been crushed.  It wasn’t an easy thing to see.  On the campaign, the guy was so good.  Brilliant.  I told you that already, I know – repeating myself now.  But…I get emotional thinking back to 2008 and how much fun that was.  Then I think to how fast it all went wrong, how soon we all started to see that there was so little to the man.  We got caught up in the moment, and forgot to consider the consequences of electing someone who was simply not prepared to be President.  We screwed up.  I guess in a way, these interviews I am giving you are a way to…make up for that.  At least in some little way.
Or maybe you enjoy screwing with the White House?  Oh sure, there’s that.  Yeah…guilty as charged.  But it’s also much more than that.  I really believe the party needs to purge itself of this administration.  And I think we will.  November is a start in that direction.  New leadership will emerge.  The White House will be marginalized – perhaps so much so that there will be a Democrat challenger to Obama in 2012.

Purge the party of this administration? You really feel the Obama White House is that bad?  You remember that question – and then you can come back and ask me again later next year when this scandal finally comes to the surface. 

The scandal in Chicago?  Chicago is the primary component – but it will likely start in D.C. – one thing will lead to the other.  The Justice Department, and back to Chicago. 

And what if this never happens?  What if there is no scandal? What if Obama is simply re-elected in 2012 and serves a full and successful second term?  I suppose that is a possibility – but not a probable one.  They are scrambling to make that happen, but after November, the White House loses its protection.  I told you that – you understand that, right?

You are talking about Congress?  Yes-yes…without Congress, without the Congressional leadership to quash potential hearings, the White House is far more vulnerable.  Remember Lewinski?  If the Democrats had not lost Congress in 1994, there would have been no scandal – at least not to the extent that it became.  But Democrats didn’t control Congress, and so the scandal was allowed – encouraged by those -expletive- Republicans to move ahead.  Same thing with Watergate.  Democrats in Congress allowed the scandal to grow and move ahead.  That’s how it works.  And now we have a Democrat President, realizing he is looking at a Republican Congress, and he is facing a real -expletive- storm.

You used Watergate as an example.  Do you really think Obama could be facing a Watergate type scandal?  I mean, something that big?  Yes I do.  I hope not.  That is what is going on right now – I’m trying to explain that part of it to you but maybe I’m not doing a good enough job of it.  There are those in the party – the Democratic Party, who are right now actively preparing for that possible outcome and taking protective measures to protect the party.  Let Obama go down for it – but save the party.  President Obama in turn – at least those around him who are capable enough still to function in that way, are trying to keep the party entangled in the mess, to motivate them to continue protecting the White House.  THAT is what is going on right now.  And the stakes are very high – the repercussions very serious.  That is why I keep telling you to fully appreciate the dangers here.  This stuff is no joke.  That is why I came to you.  If this goes bad, and it could just like that, I can pull the plug.  And make no mistake – I will.
I get that – but I’m still having a hard time believing a scandal so big is not being reported by the media.  You’re wrong there.  It is being reported – bits and pieces of it.  The story will already be out there and growing before the mainstream finally runs with it.  Don’t forget, most of them still want to protect the White House.  That is simply fact.  I know this – I worked directly with them during the campaign.  But it’s starting to change – and eventually it will break.  The barbarians haven’t broken down the gate yet – but after these midterms, they will.  Look at the Democrats who are now openly challenging the president.  Every day another one rebukes the president.  That is an incredibly dangerous thing to do politically – it can destroy a career.  Ask yourself why they would be so willing to do that.  Are they just stupid, too bold – or is it something else?

I don’t know… (shakes head) The word is out there – President Obama is in real trouble.  They may not have the specifics, but the story of a big scandal coming is circulating now within the party – both parties.  So why put your own political career on the line supporting a president who is facing such a fiasco?  Simple – they won’t.  And so you are seeing the separation happening.  The party itself is starting to separate itself from the president.  You ever watch those nature programs where the herd doesn’t hang out with the sick one?  You got that poor sick antelope or whatever standing all by itself and when it tries to join back with the herd they run away from it?  They’ll even attack it themselves if they have to.  That’s what happens in politics.  If you are in real trouble, the others separate from you.  That is what is happening to the president right now.
(Long pause)
And the lions are starting to gather…




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